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Do You Have a Loved One With Special Needs?

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Provide for a Vulnerable
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The truth is, many of us have a loved one we want to provide for that will never be able to handle money.

Dear Friend,

One of my passions is helping families of those with special needs. 

What’s more, not all those who are vulnerable have a traditionally-defined disability. 

Families often come to me because of a child or grandchild who is not disabled, but will never be able to handle money… maybe because of an addiction, a spending problem, or simply a habit of poor life choices. 

Many well-meaning people – including attorneys – may tell you that the only thing you can do is to disinherit your loved one.  Even in the closest of families, this can lead to heartache and frustration.There is a better way!  With a Special Needs Trust or a Tender Loving Care trust, you can continue to provide comfort to your vulnerable child – while you’re here and after you’re gone.  But it’s not just about ensuring they have a hot meal and a roof over their heads – you can actually plan for the everyday joys that make life wonderful. 

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Jimmy D. Long, Jr.
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