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Get to Know Jimmy D. Long, Jr.

Jimmy D. Long, Jr.

Attorney at Law

I love my work… every time I can help a family preserve assets they’ve worked a lifetime to build, I feel a sense of pride in what I do. The truth of the matter is this – most people just didn’t expect to live this long!  I look at my dad, who didn’t expect to live to 85 when his dad died at 65.  People are rattled – most don’t have long term care insurance, because they never dreamed they’d be dealing with these life issues.

I see people in my firm who are scared – whether it’s a big, gruff, tough guy who’s melted into a puddle of tears because he’s terrified of losing everything, or a 100-lb-soaking-wet grandmother of 8 who’s desperately trying to care for her husband with dementia at home. 

I see families of those with special needs who have been told they have no choices – just disinherit your child. 
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I see parents who are at the end of their rope, who love a child with an addiction, a controlling or abusive partner, or who just make plain old bad choices.   

What I love most about coming into the office every day is knowing that I have solutions for all these people!   

I can’t cure a diagnosis of cancer or Alzheimer’s, but what I can do is this: I can offer peace of mind and solutions to the problems my clients face.  I can help take the fear and the sting out of these issues, so you can focus on what’s important.  Even for those who don’t have a problem in sight, peace of mind is important.  An unexpected health crisis, divorce, or even marriages and remarriages (after one person dies) are an important factor to plan for. 

Want to make sure your kids get your assets after you’re gone, and not your wife’s handsome new husband?  We can plan for that. I’m active in my community and in my church, and love spending time with my family.  I’ve been the president of my local Kiwanis club, and I’ve spent many years helping at the district attorney’s office, especially in cases of child abuse and neglect.   

When I’m not working, I’m almost always with my wife and three girls!  We are very active and love to travel.  I’m pretty lucky that all three girls still like to hang out with their mom and dad, and by the end of a hot day, we’re usually all hanging out in the pool!

Maybe you need an estate plan to make sure your family is protected, or maybe you’re currently in crisis. My team and I work to allow you to work past your fears about losing too much to nursing home costs or running out of money in retirement. My goal is to help families from Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes to create a solid plan for the future, and my incredible team helps me do that.

Mission Statement
Growing up, I learned the value of a dollar while bagging groceries and sweeping floors at my dad’s grocery store.  I know what it is to work hard for every dollar – and for the sake of the people you’re working to provide for. 

Most of my clients have worked hard to do their job or keep a business open while raising kids, dealing with family issues, and often caring for an aging parent.

That’s why we’re the leading firm in Natchitoches and Sabine parishes helping local families save more of their assets and obtain public benefits when they qualify.  I use existing laws to my clients’ advantage to help them save more of what they’ve worked a lifetime to save.

People from all walks of life come to see me for solutions to worries or conflicts.  Do any of these scenarios hit too close to home?
  • You have a vulnerable child with an addiction, gambling problem, controlling spouse, or who will simply never be able to handle money

  • You have a child or grandchild with special needs.

  • You or a loved one have recently received a diagnosis, and you’re worried about how you’re going to pay for it all

  • You’re a healthy senior who wants to get your ducks in a row so you don’t leave a mess for your family to clean up when you’re gone

  • You want to make sure everything you’ve worked for goes to your spouse and your kids after you’re gone, not to the next person they marry!

  • You want to make sure that if there’s a divorce in your family, your kids are protected – so your money doesn’t go to an ex-daughter or ex-son-in-law


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Why Choose Us?

At the Law Office of Jimmy D. Long, Jr., we work to help you face retirement and end of life issues with dignity, independence, and peace of mind – the comfort of knowing that you have a unique, well-crafted strategy for growing older.

Our Strategic Planning Includes:
  • Medicaid crisis planning

  • Estate planning for healthy, vigorous seniors who want to keep what they’ve earned

  • Special Needs Planning

  • Planning for those with memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia

  • Discovering How to Pay for Care at Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Homes

  • Probate and Trust Administration

  • Veteran’s Benefits for veterans and their surviving spouses over 65

Even if you already have an existing estate plan in place, your personal, family, and financial situations are constantly changing – and so are estate planning laws.

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